Sr. Pastor Roosevelt Carter, I

Rev. Roosevelt & LaVerne Carter


Senior Pastor of First Monumental Faith Ministries

A native of Leesburg, Georgia, Rev. Roosevelt Carter, I is a respected and accomplished pastor, leader, and visionary.  For the past 28 years, he has served as Senior Pastor of First Monumental Faith Ministries in Albany, Georgia, which he founded along with his wife, Co-Pastor LaVerne Shinault Carter.  Together they have worked to build a progressive, impacting ministry that has helped transform lives through its various outreach programs.


Pastor Carter’s vision led to the organization of First Monumental Community Outreach, Inc. as a way to help provide services to those in need. Under its auspices, FMCO opened the first assistance program for persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the Dougherty County area.  This program, called Job’s Place, was funded by government grants and made a positive difference in the lives of its constituents.

The desire to help those who find themselves in trying situations later led Pastor Carter to answer a call issued the City of Albany & the Dougherty County Coalition to End Homelessness.  These entities were searching for a non-profit organization to accept the responsibility of organizing, operating, and sustaining a transitional housing program for families who were on the journey between homelessness and self-sustenance.  Along with member of the FMCO staff, Pastor Carter led the charge to acquire government funding from the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) which was used to support and transition over 15 families to self-sustainable living.  The HUD funding, which totaled over $600,000, was overseen by FMCO staff and when the program was no longer under the auspices of FMCO, the HUD representatives commended Pastor Carter for his leadership and vision.

While help ministries are important to Pastor Carter, he also understands the vital nature of economic independence in the lives of all people, especially Believers who sow into the work of God.  Hence, he extends the reach of First Monumental Faith Ministries through the provision of jobs through Monumental Development Center where “Every Child Receives a Monumental Start” and Fluff-n-Fold Laundromat.  These two businesses provide jobs for numerous individuals who, in turn, pour back into the community as productive citizens.

A powerful minister of the Gospel, Rev. Carter is also well-known and loved by parishioners of First Monumental where he has led by example in every area.  He has taught the Word of God with boldness and clarity for over 30 years.  The long, rich history of service to God through service to His people makes Pastor Carter one of the true living legends in the Christian faith.  When he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of throat cancer in 2006, this man of Monumental Faith used the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation not as a crutch or reason to stop preaching and spreading God’s Word.  Rather, he encouraged his congregation, patients at the hospital, and even his physicians in the Word and declared to anyone who would listen that “God is still a miracle-working God.”  Now some seven years later and cancer-free, Pastor Carter lives out that statement and continues to be a force for good to the glory of God.