Part of living life inside the church and our world is giving back.

offeringFirst Monumental Faith’s vision talks about being a people of God who give all … all people who call Monumental home are encouraged to give back their time and their resources to impact others in an incredibly meaningful way.


Giving back a portion of what God has allowed us to have is a standard seen throughout scripture, across church history, and something we practice at Monumental today. Giving is not drudgery, but is rather a privilege because of all that God has done for us.




Giving back a portion of our time is a standard we practice at Monumental. Anyone who calls Monumental “home” has the opportunity to learn how they are wired to serve within the church, and is urged to use those gifts and talents to serve the church and community in meaningful ways. We see it a lot like you would if you were inviting people into your home…you’d do whatever you could to make others feel welcomed, comfortable, and at ease there, too, right? Jump in! There is a role for you!